2-in-1 martello di sicurezza per Auto finestra di automobile interruttore di vetro Auto cintura di sicurezza taglierina coltello Mini salvavita fuga martello strumento di emergenza Auto

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2-in-1 safety tool: This life-saving multi-functional safety hammer and seat belt cutter is durable and can be shipped quickly in emergency situations.

Applicable to the crowd --- This life-saving tool has a built-in high-pressure spring. In the event of an emergency, you can break the window with just one push, and you can also use it to cut the jammed seat belt when necessary. Whether it is an elderly person, a woman or a child, it is easy to use.

Easy to carry: This product is only 1 cm/3.5 inches, small in size, easy to carry, or use Velcro on the center console of the vehicle, you can use it as an escape tool or decoration 0

Powerful function: Use this glass breaker to pop open the corner of the side window, it immediately causes the toughened glass to break, safe and not hurting your hands

Add an invaluable addition to your vehicle safety kit: due to its spring-loaded impact point, this emergency safety hammer easily breaks the side window glass.


commodity weight:90 g

Color: Dark gray / Red/ Silver

Package Included:

1 * safety hammer, 1 * bracket

  • Color: Dark gray / Red/ Silver
  • Peso Elemento: 92g
  • Origine: CN (Origine)
  • Nome del Modello: -0

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